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Working at Dertec

A job at DERTEC is not just a job. At DERTEC we strive to offer our employees a safe and warm family-like atmosphere with respect and attention for the individual and the teams well-being.

It is our strong believe that working in an informal atmosphere, where every individual person is considered to be a valued team member,  helps us to be creative and with that, achieving maximum results for the team and the company.

Decision input

To encourage the team input, we have short team meetings every day, where each team member is free to give his/her input to improve the company’s performance. This results in a very high team participation. Every team member gets the chance to play an active role in the company and contribute to the decisions made by the management team. The entire team feels a strong bond together and we make sure that each individual feels appreciated and supported while working at DERTEC.


Although we work as a close team, we encourage our staff to work and make decisions independently, supported by colleagues when necessary. We trust that our team members have sufficient skills and knowledge to perform at their utmost in completing their tasks. To keep the knowledge of our company at its best, we offer employee development inhouse or by class-room courses. We believe that by developing the team, we develop the company. Our goal for the future of DERTEC is to aim high and strive for an innovative, unique company that offers not only the best products but also the best working environment.


Together, we can achieve anything!
If you want to use and expand your capabilities, be and feel respected for the person you are, and have the right skills that fit in our profile than please go for your future with DERTEC and apply now. Even if there are no current jobs available at the moment, feel free to send in your resume. We will contact you as soon as there is a job opening.

Warehouse workers

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Assembly workers

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