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DERTEC service and cooperation is not limited by borders between countries. Please contact the below,  carefully selected,  salespoints in your region for any inquiry or request for information.

Please contact us in case you are interested to become a DERTEC Salespoint in your country.

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Australia Australia

All Torque

All Torque Transmissions was founded in 1996 with a vision to provide the best combination of power transmission technical staff, along with quality products at competitive prices. Our Head Office is located in Melbourne and has three other branches spread evenly along the eastern seaboard of Australia. We are aligned with manufacturers and suppliers of quality PT equipment, targeting gear units, electric motors and specialized PT products for all types of industry. We also integrate with other independent PT houses in Australia and New Zealand to offer the best solutions to all industry.

Belgium Belgium


Duvivier-Motronic is a family business that has been specialized in drive technology for more than 90 years. The repair and distribution of a wide range of electric motors, geared motors, pumps, drives and associated applications, is the core business of the company. At Duvivier-Motronic, customer orientation goes hand in hand with quality. The products we offer are characterized by a high quality label and our fully equipped service center enables us to help our customers quickly.


Eltec-system is  a dynamic company with a proactive approach. Specialized in  sales, maintenance and repair of your complete drive systems. Active in all industrial segments: F&B, Pharma, COG, Metals, … Eltec system consists of 5 departments including:

  • Electric Motor department (Sales, support, repair)
  • Pump department (Sales, support, repair)
  • Gear department (Sales, Support, repair)
  • Field service (overhaul, preventive & predictive maintenance, condition monitoring,...)
  • Electronic service (Sales, Support, Commissioning)

All our technical specialists have industry-specific experience with static- and rotating electrical machines, troubleshooting, electrical testing and rewinding.


Opis Engineering


Please contact dertec

Denmark Denmark

Jens s.

JENS S. Transmissioner AB deliver transmission solutions in cooperation with world leading manufacturers in all of the Nordic countries. With focus on quality and customer service we offer a wide range with competitive prices. We produce and modify products in our mechanical workshop.

Finland Finland


Kraftmek Oy is the leading power transmission and bearings expert in Finland. We offer you optimal components even for the most demanding industrial applications with more than 45 years of experience.

Kraftmek Oy on Suomen johtava voimansiirron ja laakeroinnin asiantuntija. Tarjoamme optimaaliset komponentit vaativimpiinkin sovelluksiin yli 45 vuoden kokemuksella.

Mikko Vaaraniemi

France France


Rotec Motors & Gears is your partner for standard and special, customized electric motors, low-, medium- and high voltage, for industrial, marine, offshore and crane duty applications. Rotec Motors & Gears distinguishes herself by using there concepts together with innovative solutions to meet our customers needs. We also provide complete and reliable solutions with a complete range of industrial gear boxes and brake motors.

Réactive, expérimentée, innovante, ROTEC Motors and Gears est une société spécialisée dans la conception, la fabrication et la fourniture de moteurs électriques asynchrones triphasés pour l’industrie, la marine et l’offshore. Nos bureaux d’études assurent une expertise rapide et personnalisée pour répondre au mieux aux cahiers des charges des clients les plus exigeants, en proposant des solutions techniques adaptées. La société ROTEC vous apporte également une solution fiable, par une gamme complète de réducteurs industriels qui améliore la fiabilité et la rentabilité de vos unités de productions. Aujourd’hui comme demain… ROTEC, et le monde tourne...


Known originally for its range of gearboxes and other speed reducers, Engrenages HPC is a company specialised in the sale of mechanical components and other industrial supplies. Established in France in 1991 and now with over 35,000 references in its catalogue, HPC is capable of meeting the needs of all of its customers regardless of their field of activity.

Engrenages HPC, est une société dont l’activité est la vente d’engrenages, de réducteurs de vitesse et de composants mécaniques. Présent sur le marché français depuis 1991 et avec plus de 35000 références standards présentes à son catalogue, HPC est capable de répondre à toutes les exigences des clients quel que soit leur domaine d’activité.

Germany Germany

Please contact dertec

Greece Greece


D.DIMITRIOU company provides recognized and guaranteed quality equipment, integrated engineering and technical solutions on mechanical and electrical installations of the Greek industry sector. Our client list includes partners from various industrial sectors: dairy, food, beverage, confectionery, concrete, brick/ceramic, forestry and agricultural industry.

Themis Dimitriou

Ireland Ireland


Avalon Conveyor Components is the leading importer and distributor of conveyor parts in Ireland. We are based in Kilkenny city where we stock a large range of conveyor parts in our warehouse. Avalon Conveyor Components has built up its market leading position in Ireland by delivering a high level of customer service and applications advice, supported by a deep knowledge of our parts.

Italy Italy


COM.PACK, since 1994, has directed its technical-commercial action to the food, beverage and packaging industry, from machine builders to end users.
It’s goal is to offer customers, in addition to a series of standard products, components made to specific requests, thanks to a close collaboration
with specialized partners in several sectors of production activities. A long experience of company members and a high degree of competence in
industrial engineering allow them to support designers and maintenance personnel in their technical choices, proposing the most appropriate and innovative solutions.

For northern Italy please contact DERTEC

Norway Norway

Gear Tech

GearTech AS was founded in 1996, and operates in the power transmission field. Our main focus is to offer products, solutions and knowhow that benefits the competitiveness of Norwegian industry both domestic and international.

Poland Poland


Polpack is one of the leading distributors of industrial drive technology in Poland. It provides professional technical support for machine building engineering, detailed data on the offered products, and provides training, consultations and advice related to this. The delivery of most products is ensured in a short time thanks to the largest parts warehouse in Poland as well as ready-made motoreducers. Also thanks to which it provides an excellent after-sales service

Polpack jest jednym z wiodących dystrybutorów technologii napędów przemysłowych w Polsce. Zapewnia profesjonalne wsparcie techniczne w zakresie budowy maszyn, szczegółowe dane na temat oferowanych produktów oraz zapewnia szkolenia, konsultacje i porady z tym związane. Dostawę większości produktów zapewnia w krótkim czasie dzięki największemu w Polsce magazynowi części oraz gotowych motoreduktorów. Również dzięki temu zapewnia doskonałą obsługę serwisową.

Spain Spain

Sanco S.A.

Comercial Sanco, S.A. It was founded in 1980 and is dedicated to the distribution of accessories for conveyor belt systems and machinery manufacturers. The sectors in which our products are currently present would be: machinery manufacturers (bottling, packaging, automotive, ceramics, stone, wood, textiles, agro-food, machine tools, ecc.); conveyor belt manufacturers; maintenance; ecc

Sweden Sweden

Jens s.

JENS S. Transmissioner AB deliver transmission solutions in cooperation with world leading manufacturers in all of the Nordic countries. With focus on quality and customer service we offer a wide range with competitive prices. We produce and modify products in our mechanical workshop.

Sweden Switzerland


Afron Rewinds


Please contact Dertec