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The DERTEC Aluminium TKM Series Hypoid Bevelgear drives are available in 4 different sizes, TKM28B/C, TKM38B/C, TKM48B/C, TKM58B/C. These drives are developed to increase efficiency at High ratio’s. The B-Series offers ratios upto 60:1, the C-Series offers ( by using a Helical pre-stage ) a gearratio of 300:1 with an efficienncy of over 90 %. Increasing of the efficiency means a reducing of energy ( power ) needed to arrive at the same required secundary torque at the secundary shaft.

By this the DERTEC TKM series are more efficient than old fashioned wormgeardrives

Using IE3 or IE4 motors with these Helical Hypoid Gearboxes offers a double Win – Win situation  ! Assembling from stock is possible for many different combinations..

TKM Series Documentation